Enterprise-level One-stop Digital Asset Custodian

With SOC 2 security system control verification report, leveraging six years of technical service experience, ChainUp Custody swiftly and efficiently addresses the asset custody challenges of enterprises. We provide compliant, secure, reliable, and stable digital asset custody services.

Trusted Digital Asset Custody Provider

  • Served institutional clients: 300+
  • Cumulative secure withdrawal amount: $30+B
  • Supported main chains: 200+
  • Supported coins: 1000+

Choosing ChainUp Custody

After years of dedicated efforts, both in comprehensive and cutting-edge technology, ChainUp Custody maintains a leading position in the industry. Our product and integration roadmap focuses on providing customers with higher security, usability, scalability, and connectivity, assisting them in building, operating, and expanding their businesses with more support.

  • Security

ChainUp Custody’s storage system adopts MPC technology, multi-signature technology, and multi-verification, combined with hardware isolation for asset project management, safeguarding digital assets from hacking and theft. Whitelisting and customizable withdrawal approval processes enhance the account security level.

  • Compliance

ChainUp Custody is committed to meeting local regulatory requirements, providing compliance and anti-money laundering tools to help investors avoid money laundering, terrorism, and other illegal activities. Our KYT (Know Your Transaction) service detects and removes high-risk transactions, while KYC (Know Your Customer) service helps clients understand the background and purpose of transactions.

  • Efficiency

ChainUp Custody provides a full-chain activity monitoring system, automatically monitoring transaction processes to ensure compliance with specified procedures. Additionally, we offer a range of operational and management tools to help clients manage their digital assets and respond quickly to business needs.

  • Reliability

ChainUp Custody’s total fund custody amount reaches $10 billion, serving clients globally. Critical data and information are securely encrypted and backed up in real-time by multiple locations and service providers, mitigating the risk of data loss.

  • Usability

ChainUp Custody’s solution is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Customizable withdrawal approval processes can be personalized to meet the specific needs of different clients. Developer custody API and SDK enable engineers to seamlessly integrate their services and customize development according to their requirements.

  • Flexible Expansion

ChainUp Custody’s solution is flexible, catering to different institutions and individuals. Various access methods and rich operational tools meet the needs of different scenarios. Additionally, our tokenization engine and robust node infrastructure ensure system flexibility and scalability.

  • Instant Service

ChainUp Custody prioritizes customer service, offering 24-hour support and consultation. Our expert team is ready to address client issues and tailor solutions based on specific requirements. We are committed to providing secure, compliant, and efficient asset custody services, helping clients succeed in the virtual asset business.

ChainUp Custody Solutions

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