Welcome to the ChainUp Custody API platform. ChainUp Custody provides fast and cost-effective integrated Custody services to third-party partners through APIs, SDKs, and other forms. It supports receiving and sending coins for up to 200 main chains and an unlimited number of tokens. Third-party partners can easily manage assets through the web interface and have access to a variety of financial products.

What Can I Do with ChainUp Custody API?

  • Automate Wallet Management Workflows

Use the API to quickly create and name wallets, automating the wallet management process. This streamlines the bulk creation and naming of wallets, making the process more efficient and convenient.

  • Automate Transaction Workflows

Implement batch processing of blockchain transactions, automate asset transfers, and use the secure API Co-Signer for automatic transaction signing.

  • Expand Wallet and Address Creation

Efficiently configure multiple wallets quickly and economically. This is particularly useful for game studios, developers providing NFT services, or building DApps, allowing easy management of a large number of digital assets.

  • Quickly View Transaction Information

Rapidly retrieve wallet address information and transaction details. Users can easily access comprehensive transaction records and details, ensuring they can conveniently and quickly understand and monitor their digital assets.

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