Utilizing ChainUp Custody services for Compliant Custody of assets can help businesses ensure that asset management complies with relevant regulations, thereby avoiding potential legal risks.

  • Self-Activation of Compliance Solutions

ChainUp Custody collaborates with leading providers of digital asset compliance solutions, allowing users to independently choose integration solutions. Users can monitor transactions in real time directly from the ChainUp Custody platform, significantly saving customer team resources and development costs. The integration supports identity verification of traders, identification of high-risk transactions, and customization of internal control policies.

  • Integrate Compliance Checks into Every Transaction

Users can enable real-time controls, risk scoring, and compliance operations for all receipt and transfer transactions. Each transaction is automatically filtered based on user-defined compliance policy rules and compliance provider data. After identifying high-risk transactions, the system automatically or manually decides whether to block the transaction based on the policy, preventing assets from flowing into risky wallet addresses. The compliance team can also freeze deposit transactions from potential risk addresses, ensuring the normal wallet addresses are not contaminated.

  • Easily Configure Compliance Policy Rules

ChainUp Custody’s KYT management feature allows users to configure personalized risk control policies according to business needs.

  • All-in-One Operations Platform

Users can manage rule policies of each digital asset compliance solution provider through the ChainUp Custody KYT feature console, achieving centralized information management without the need for multiple platforms.

  • Professional Knowledge and Experience

ChainUp Custody possesses professional knowledge, experience, and technology, understanding industry best practices and compliance requirements. It can provide advice and guidance for enterprise asset management, ensuring compliance with the highest standards.

  • Trust and Transparency

Compliant Custody of assets increases trust and transparency between businesses and partners, investors, and regulatory bodies. By implementing ChainUp Custody’s rigorous audit and reporting mechanisms, providing verifiable asset data and transaction history, it enhances confidence in the business from partners and investors.

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