ChainUp Custody provides powerful and easy-to-integrate API tools to automate your workflows, quickly create and configure wallets, and receive various information about wallets.

What Can I Do with ChainUp Custody API?

Automate Wallet Management Workflows

Quickly create and name wallets using the API to automate wallet management. This streamlines the process of bulk wallet creation and naming, making it more efficient and convenient.

Automate Transaction Workflows

Batch process blockchain transactions, automate asset transfers, and use the secure API Co-Signer for automatic transaction signing.

Expand Wallet and Address Creation

Efficiently configure multiple wallets quickly and cost-effectively. This is beneficial for game studios, NFT service providers, or developers building DApps to easily manage a large number of digital assets.

Quickly View Transaction Information

Rapidly retrieve wallet address information and transaction details, allowing users to conveniently access comprehensive transaction records and details, ensuring they can quickly and easily understand and monitor their digital assets.

Configuration Fields

To complete API configuration, you need to provide the following field information.

Trusted IP

The Trusted IP field allows you to define specific IP address ranges that can access the API. Only requests initiated from these trusted IP addresses will be accepted and processed by the API.

Callback URL

The Callback URL is where the API sends notifications for successful deposit and withdrawal transactions to your system.

Second Confirmation URL

The Second Confirmation URL is used to receive notifications for transactions or operations that require further confirmation or verification. This is the address where the platform confirms information with the merchant after initiating a withdrawal request.


The Remarks field allows you to add additional information or explanations, typically used to identify specific API configurations.

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