Create an Account

If you are using ChainUp Custody’s services for the first time, you need to register an account. Your account can be used across all services.

ChainUp Custody supports registration via mobile number or email.

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

For the security of your assets, we require you to bind the Google Authenticator. It is used for verification in certain operations.

If you do not bind it, some features will be restricted.

Identity Verification

If you are the creator of an MPC System, we do not mandate KYC2 verification. However, if you want to become a co-manager of an MPC Workspace, you must pass KYC2 verification.

You can complete KYC verification through the “My” navigation bar (click on the avatar).

Users can authenticate themselves based on their identity type: individual or enterprise (different identity types require different verification documents).