Create a Joint Custody Wallet

Open the ChainUp Custody official website, use the Custody App to scan the QR code for authorization to log in to the Custody system (the app needs to be logged in, and the account must complete KYC2 verification). Click the “Create Wallet” button and fill in the relevant wallet information.

Use and Switch Wallets

Log in to the ChainUp Custody APP, select the Custody system, and click on the wallet in the bottom navigation bar.

On the wallet homepage, click “Switch” to enter the wallet selection page.

Explanation of Wallet Types

I Personal Wallet

The personal wallet is automatically created when you register a ChainUp Custody account.

The personal wallet supports KYT packages, financial management, quick buying and selling, flash exchange, and other functions.

II Corporate Wallet

Created by you as a self-built wallet, or a wallet jointly managed by you as a co-managed wallet.

If your asset custody method is Compliant Custody, the Enterprise Wallet will display “Isolated Wallet” in the upper right corner. This type of wallet is suitable for Compliant Custody Services.